McMullen Mile Report (Mike)

This race went extremely poorly for both of us. We came in with high expectations, myself having PR-ed by 6 seconds in the past two years (4:42 –> 4:36 –> 4:30), and Josh with a similar progression capped off by an impressive 4:29 last year.

At least Josh had an excuse for running poorly...
He had to chase Hazel around the track pre-race


The weather was perfect. Low-70s, slight breeze, partly cloudy. World records have been set on such days. Fortunately, we were looking to run in the 4:20s rather than 3:43. But that didn’t matter because we finished so far from our goal that we may as well have been “going for” sub-4 (or something).


Feeling optimistic
Loud noises, etc.


We came through lap one in 68 seconds. Slow start, but not disastrous.


1209m to go


I was at 2:16 with 809 meters to go. Not good, but all was not yet lost. During laps three and four I made a half-hearted attempt to pass another runner who ultimately beat me by 3 seconds down the stretch.


"Powering" through lap four in a blazing ~70 seconds


I finished in 4:37, Josh in 4:41.


Josh displeased with the result
This picture aptly characterizes my feelings about the race


Following a solid 5K in May, this was a big disappointment. However, it was great to spend a couple days in Rochester and catch up with Josh, Lisa, and Hazel. Results are here and a race video from Boyce is below. We were not fast enough to keep up with the camera.