Dubious Honors

For the second year in a row I have won my age group in the Rochester Runner of the Year Series.  Last year I won because the overall series winner Mark Andrews was in my age group so I got moved up to first.  Mark graduated to the senior circuit (40-44) and I thought I had a great shot at winning the 35-39 age group outright.  That was until the sudden appear of Todd Meyer, who apparently was a very good runner back in the day and who decided to make his return to road racing just in time to ruin things for me.  This year Todd ended up winning the overall series and I once again was moved up to first in my age group.  To add insult to injury Todd beat me in ever race we went head to head in with him finishing first and me second in our age group.  The only slight consolation I have is Todd is a year older than me, so at least he will leave me in peace in my soft AG for a year before I have to start competing against all the good masters runners.

Series Results here.

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