Roadkill Post Season Awards

Sunday night was Roadkill Racing’s post season award party.  In addition to drinking our victory beer and stuffing ourselves with baked ziti, cheesy bread, and sweets we handed out some very special awards.  Each Roadkill Racer was given a custom labeled victory beer celebrating their contributions to the team.

Jeff accepting his award from Josh and Hazel


Ryan Burke: For his wise words before each race.



Chanse Hungerford: For outkicking the unoutkickable.


Dan Lane: For driving overnight from Wisconsin and still leading RKR to vicotry on championship day.


Jeff Bigham: For not letting a little something like vomitting keep him from finishing a race.


Josh Perks: For getting this whole RKR thing started.


Matt Morales: For making his first race the one we really him to make.


Matt Roberts: For racing 1 week after PRing in a marathon.


Mike Insler: For not once, but twice flying in from the Naval Academy to race.


Pete Gratien: For being the only one on the team man enough to grow a full beard.


Rob Castor: For fighting through a early side cramp on championship day.