How’d We Do?

Last December I made a few predictions about the year ahead for Roadkill Racing and it’s members. Now it is time to see how I did, and how we did.

2014 Roadkill Team Predictions

  • We will have a real RKR team at the PGUNYXC series
    • Not only did we have a real team, we had 3 at every race!
  • We will field an open team at the USATF Niagara 10k, 5k and XC championships
    • We had USATF teams at the 5k and XC championships but missed the 10k.
  • We will field a masters team at the USATF Niagara 5k and XC Championships and win one of them
    • We didn’t do so great on this one. Didn’t field a masters team for the 5k and we finished second by a few points in the XC championships.
  • We will host an amazing beer mile and much fun will be had by all
    • Didn’t host a beer mile but I went to one and had a fun/awful time.
  • We will return to our winning xc ways and win beer at least once this xc season
    • We won beer several times this xc season!

2014 Roadkill Individual Predictions

  • Kenny will win the Rochester Runner of the Year Series
    • So Kenny didn’t even do enough races to score in the series… oops.
  • Matt will break 4:40 in the mile
    • Matt did not race a mile.
  • Brett will PR in the 5k and the half marathon
    • Brett is working too hard and planning a wedding.
  • Drew will PR in every distance he races
    • Things are not going well for these predictions.
  • Joe will run more races than anyone else on the team
    • This one I’m pretty sure I got right. Joe is always running races.
  • Pete will get his leg fixed and join Kenny and Brett at the front of the pack
    • Pete did indeed get his leg fixed and raced well this fall.
  • Rob will find a few minute between teaching and coaching to run
    • Rob is making an excellent coach and teacher.
  • Jeff will drive up from Pittsburgh and win the beer mile
    • Nope.
  • Mike will become the 4 time Wally Waddle 5k champion
    • Yep, and a few weeks after a rough Boston no less.
  • I will spend way too much time and energy thinking about Roadkill Racing
    • Of course.

So I did pretty good on the team predictions and not as good on the individual predictions (probably because I had no idea if anyone wanted to actual do any of the things I predicted they would do.) Below is a list of some more things I missed, mostly because I didn’t think big enough.

Predictions I didn’t predict

It was truly a fantastic year. Many of our new women team members ran personal best times this year in events from the mile through marathon. Our men’s masters team exploded and we will adding a women’s masters team and a men’s vets team this year. We have an exciting year of racing ahead and I can’t wait to see everyone’s performances!