Playing Ketchup

What did the fast tomato say to the slow tomato? Catch up!

As I am want to do, I have neglected the blog for far too long and know I have to get caught up.

I’ll start on a positive note.  I won the Daniel’s 5k for the 3rd time in 3 tries (though not in consecutive years).  The people who organize the Daniel’s 5k (Daniel’s parents and friends) do a wonderful job of putting on the race every year.

The Daniel’s course is mostly an out and back with a lap around the track at the finish.  Most years miles .5-1.5 are into a very strong headwind, and this year was no exception.  I started out slowly and ran the first half mile behind a 12-year-old sprinter, then I ran the next mile behind the guy in the Yellowjacket Racing singlet.  He was doing some fancy zigging and zagging so I couldn’t draft off him, but I just held my line and plowed along behind him until the turn around.  I hit the halfway point in about 9 minutes and then took off with the wind and closed the race in about 8 minutes.  I finished in 17:02 which isn’t a very good time for me but was 40 second better than the next guy so I’ll take it.  Results here.

I did another “5k” this past weekend but it was such a poorly run race, both by me and the organizers that I don’t even want to name it.  I’ll just give the low lights.

  • advertised as a 5 mile and a 5k race
  • Arrived at race to find the maps said 4.8 miles and 3.5 miles
  • Races were actually 4.75 miles and 3.3 miles
  • No traffic control on the 5 mile despite part of the race running through downtown Poughkeepsie
  • Race started 10 minutes late
  • Made to stand on the line for 15 minutes (called to line 5 of 9 didn’t start running until 10 after 9)
  • 5 mile race started 50 meters behind 5k race so the fast 5 mile runners slammed into the back of the slow 5k runners/walkers after about 10 seconds

This was easily the worst organized race I’ve ever run and it was supposed to be my final race of the Spring season.  I’m now hoping to squeeze in one more 5k before the baby comes but we will see.  My allergies are so bad right now that there probably isn’t any point in trying to race anyway.