Soft single into left feild.

Well it wasn’t a home run, but I did manage to make up some points and move myself up one place in the RROY series.  I just didn’t have it today, maybe it was the last 2 weeks of hard workouts.  I ran 28:07.  I went out in 5:32 which was a tad slower than I wanted, and slower than I thought I was running.  I slowed 10 seconds per mile the next 2 miles before rallying for 5:21 finishing mile.  The race was a bit hillier than I expected but the weather was good for July.  The only thing about the race that bothers me is getting out kicked in the last 400 meters by a 17 year old kid.  This is karmic pay back for recently telling Mike “I can’t remember the last time anyone passed me in the last 800 meters of a race.”  On the upside the kid helped pull me by one of the people I needed to beat in my age group.

Making my move with a mile left.