Back on the track.

Friday night I’ll be returning to the track to try for another PR, this time I’m looking for a new 800 meter record.  My current best it 2:07, I’m not sure what the tenths of a second are but I’m hoping that it won’t matter because I will be well below 2:07.  The race is at the twilight track series put on by the Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club, this is the 39th year for the series which runs on 4 consecutive Friday evenings in July.  The race has moved around a bit over the last few years, and will be held at Spackenkill High School this summer.  They have a wonderful bright green track!

After the 800 I’ll be running the 2 mile (probably 3200m), that race I am just going to try and win without worrying about the time.  I think that will probably mean running 10:30-10:45 depending on who is at the meet.