Tied my 800m PR

Back from Southport, NC.  It was a great trip in every way except when running was concerned.  I got in OK mileage but not what I hoped, and most of those miles just felt awful do to the humidity.  I didn’t PR in the 800M at the Twilight Track Series, but I did tie my PR.  I ran 2:07.xx they didn’t give me the .xx and I don’t know what the .xx was for my last 2:07 either.  So I’m still stuck needing to run a 2:06.anything to set a new PR.  I think I’ll take another crack at it on August 8th at the USATF Niagara Track and Field Championship being run at Naz.  Until then it is full speed ahead with the half marathon training.  I have a few 5k races between now and the half if September but I plan on training straight through them.