Upstate Championship Race Report

What a great first season for Roadkill Racing.  When Mike suggested that we try and put a team together for the Upstate Series, I really didn’t have a lot of hope that we could field a 5 man team.  We ended up having 9 runners compete for RKR throughout the series with a core group of 7 that did at least 3 of the races.  We managed to win a race (and some wonderful Genny Lite) and I think we made a good showing in the other races.  I want to thank all of you for making this fall so much fun.
The final race of the series, was actual 2 races in one.  It was the Upstate Cross Country Series Championship race, and the USATF Niagara 8k Cross Country Championship race.  This makes the scoring and placing a little strange, but basically only Mike and were scored in the USATF race because we are members, but we all scored in the Upstate Series race.  Also only people who had run in at least 1 of the previous Upstate races could score for the Upstate Championship, but USATF members could score in the USATF race regardless of their involvement in earlier races.  Basically what that means is we didn’t have to compete against Stotan Racing.  Below I’ve posted the results for the Upstate race results only.  If you want to see all the results and the various scoring permutations go here.
We ended up in 4th place, I thought we might have eeked out a 3rd place finish, but GVH ran Jim Derick in the open class instead of Masters and they ran Dave Bischoff in the Open II team instead of Masters.  I’m not sure of the wisdom of that move since they lost the Masters race by 10 points and would have won it if either of those guys ran in the Masters division.  Particulary confusing is Dave’s inclusion on a Open II team that didn’t even have 5 runners. 
We had some really great performaces, starting with Mike jumping into the #1 spot for RKR closely followed (.9 seconds) by yours truly.    We then had Tyle, Travis, and Rob finish about 15 seconds apart followed soon after by Chanse.  Ryan’s stomach had an untimely disagreement with a powerbar that forced him to DNF.  I also should mention that Rob ran much of the race wtih his shoe untied.  Luckily it did stay on his foot for the duration of the race, but I’m sure it did not help his time any.
I can’t wait until next year’s xc season, but before then their will be plenty of individual competition.  Mike, Travis and I are all doing various Thanksgiving day races.  Mike is abandoning his family to run the Race with Grace 10k in Hilton, while Travis and I are heading back to our home towns to run in a hill 4 and 5 miler.  Tyle is heading back to the world of NCAA competition for his last winter and spring track seasons at UR, and Rob is training for a Marathon in January.  I’ll be doing The RIT Open Indoor Track Series and I hope to see some of you there.
Thanks again for making this such a fun XC Season. Roadkill! Racing! Roadkill! Racing! Roadkill! Splat!
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# Team Points
1. Syracuse Open I 33
2. Gen Valley Open I 40
3. High Noon Open I 57
4. Road Kill Open I 89
5. Junk Yard Open I 134
6. Alternative Open I 185
7. Gr Buffalo Open I 198
———————–MEN’S OPEN RESULTS———————–
# Name Age Team Time Points
1. Doug Maisey 23 High Noon Open I 26:22.92 1
2. Dave Rappleyea U 25 Gen Valley Open I 27:17.98 2
3. Chip O’Hara 29 Syracuse Open I 27:23.64 3
4. Joe Bazler 26 High Noon Open I 27:33.22 4
5. Dave Bradshaw U 32 Gen Valley Open I 27:36.76 5
6. Marty Nicholson U 23 Syracuse Open I 27:54.19 6
7. William Hoyne U 28 Syracuse Open I 27:56.50 7
8. Steve Hicks 27 Syracuse Open I 27:57.62 8
9. Sean Curry U 19 Syracuse Open I 27:59.86 9
10. Chad Byler U 27 Gen Valley Open I 28:17.33 10
11. Ryan Pauling U 34 Gen Valley Open I 28:21.58 11
12. Jim Derick U 45 Gen Valley Open I 28:32.19 12
13. Nick Scalfone 25 High Noon Open I 28:34.49 13
14. Michael Insler U 27 Road Kill Open I 28:48.67 14
15. Joshua Perks U 36 Road Kill Open I 28:49.50 15
16. Andrew Weishaar 33 High Noon Open I 28:51.60 16
17. Brendan Glover U 28 Gen Valley Open I 28:54.24  
18. Chris Hine U 27 Gen Valley Open I 29:01.11  
19. Tyle Stelzig 22 Road Kill Open I 29:08.20 19
20. Travis Kroot 21 Road Kill Open I 29:17.12 20
21. Rob Castor 24 Road Kill Open I 29:23.05 21
22. Brent Bartlett 30 Junk Yard Open I 29:26.33 22
23. Andy Crawford U 28 Gen Valley Open I 29:30.40  
24. Clinton Blacksmith 25 High Noon Open I 29:31.30 23
25. Eric Choudhary U 24 High Noon Open I 29:35.92  
26. Brad DePoint 28 Junk Yard Open I 29:45.40 25
27. Matt Oberst U 30 Junk Yard Open I 29:54.69 26
28. Joe Campagna U 30 Syracuse Open I 29:57.59  
29. Josh Harter U 35 Gen Valley Open I 30:00.23  
30. Chanse Hungerford 22 Road Kill Open I 30:19.64  
31. Neil Adige 23 High Noon Open I 30:35.43  
32. John Clements 27 Junk Yard Open I 30:38.47 30
33. George Young 29 Junk Yard Open I 30:58.24 31
34. Jeremy Wattles 27 Syracuse Open I 31:21.47  
35. Terry Robbins 40 Alternative Open I 34:10.51 33
36. Mark Raczka 50 Gr Buffalo Open I 34:12.60 34
37. Nicholas Brodnicki 24 Gr Buffalo Open I 34:44.69 35
38. Dave Sauter 43 Alternative Open I 35:18.43 36
39. Matt Caton 47 Alternative Open I 36:23.37 37
40. Jake Clements 31 Junk Yard Open I 37:44.05  
41. Paul Smarsh 51 Alternative Open I 38:25.58 39
42. Charles Reller 54 Alternative Open I 38:51.00 40
43. Ludovic Raymond 32 Gr Buffalo Open I 39:21.17 41
44. Adam Gillis 31 Syracuse Open I 39:29.49  
45. Rich Meehan 40 Alternative Open I 40:52.85  
46. Phil Scaffidi 42 Gr Buffalo Open I 41:00.09 43
47. Joe Spencer 55 Alternative Open I 41:05.55  
48. Brian McElroy U 49 Gr Buffalo Open I 45:49.79 45