1st Annual Roadkill Rash

Just a reminder that the first annual Roadkill Rash quadathalon is coming up in a little less than a week.  After a serious debate over wings and beer we have decided it is in the best interest of the competition to add the shot put to the list of events.

1st Annual Roadkill Racing: Race for the Rash

To be held on Memorial Day Monday May 30th 10 am.

Fairport High School Track

The Race for the Rash will consist of 4 events.

1. 5000 meters

2. 200 meters

3. Long jump

4. Shot Put

Total place for all 4 events will be used to determine the final standings.

The winner of the overall event will be given the Roadkill Cup for 1 year.

Winners of indvidual events will receive liquid prizes.

The Roadkill Racing: Race for the Rash is open to current RKR runners and runners interested in joining RKR for the 2011-2012 racing season. This event is not sponsored endorsed or sanctioned by any official running body, nor is it an approved Fairport High School event. There is no fee to participate and if you bust your ass that is your problem. There is no preregistering you just need to be on the starting line at 10 am sharp.