21st Annual Bruegger’s Bagel Run

While most of the Roadkill Racers were in Groton competing in the 4th Upstate XC Series Race (report coming soon), I stayed in town and ran in the Bruegger’s Bagel Run 5k.  While I would have liked to have been running with the team, I couldn’t get away for another all day affair.  The BBR is normally a fairly competitive race, but it is also normally run in October.  The change of date to a weekend with 2 other big races; the East Ave. Grocery Run and the Race on the Ridge helped seriously dilute the competition.  I took to the starting line on the Edgewood Ave. canal bridge and didn’t see any of the usual suspects.


The race was basically an out and back on Edgewood Ave. with a turn around through some Brighton neighborhoods.  Aside from the 2 kids that sprinted out at the start and asked me if they were suppose to follow the police motorcycle I lead the whole race.  The only serious competition I had was Jen Bigham who was about 10-15 seconds back for most of the last 2 miles, but since she had recently finished a hard marathon I was pretty sure I could out kick her in the last 100 meters if I had to.  It did not come down to any last minute heroics although it would have been nice if someone had tried to pass me in the last mile, maybe then I wouldn’t have finished with a meek 16:56 (after splitting the 2 mile in 10:31.)


If it sounds like I am complaining, I guess I am a little bit.  I signed up for the race thinking I could run a fast time and maybe even PR.  Instead of a new PR I ended up with $100 and a dozen bagels a month for a year.  Not a bad haul, but I would gladly trade the cash and dough for a sub 16 5K. 


21st Annual Bruegger’s Bagel Run 2011
Overall Finish List
November 06, 2011
Results By Race Management Systems, Inc.

Place Name City Bib No Age Gender Age Group Time Pace
1 Joshua Perks Fairport NY 45 37 M ***** 35-39 16:56 5:28/M
2 Jennifer Bigham Rochester NY 142 30 F ***** 30-34 17:21 5:36/M
3 Mike Dregalis Old Forge PA 148 20 M ***** 19-23 17:58 5:48/M
4 Karen Blodgett Fairport NY 298 35 F ***** 35-39 18:09 5:51/M
5 Kevin Sheehan Victor NY 115 49 M ***** 45-49 18:30 5:58/M
6 Sarah Loerch Rochester NY 163 26 F ***** 24-29 18:52 6:05/M
7 Keith Cona Rochester NY 167 37 M ***** 35-39 18:56 6:06/M
8 Mark Madigan Pittsford NY 19 50 M 1 50-54 18:59 6:07/M
9 Stephen Loce Webster NY 171 13 M 1 13-18 19:13 6:12/M
10 Daniel Jacob Pittsford NY 81 14 M 2 13-18 19:27 6:16/M

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