Freezeroo (AKA Warmeroo) #3

It was a perfect day for Freezeroo #3, the “Edge of the World 10K.”  Temps were in the mid 40’s and aside from a bit of wind out of the south it was a wonderful day to run.  Five Roadkill Racer’s made the trip out to the edge of the world or as Matt calls it, next door.  You can see our smiling faces at the start of the race in this video taken by Steve Hedges (thanks Steve!)


OK those weren’t really smiling faces, but these are smiling faces.

Smiling Faces
Smiling Faces

Ahhh the joys of starting a race.  The endless possibilities, the thrill of competition, the wind gently tussling you hair.


Ohhh the pain of finishing the race.  The gut wrenching agony of every step, the failure of second place, the wind blasting your frozen cheeks.

OK so maybe it wasn’t that bad.  2nd place isn’t exactly failure, and I did manage a 40 second PR (on a course that was probably 100 meters long), and if I had to lose at least it was to a teammate.  And I take no small solice in the fact that Kenny appears to be hurting nearly as much as me.  This is probably because we ran the first mile in 5:08!

Go Kenny Go!
Go Kenny Go!

All in all it was a very good day for Roadkill Racing.  We took 4 of the top 5 spots and everyone finished in the top 20.

1. Kenny 34:17

2. Josh 34:32

3. Jeff 35:18

5. Matt 35:54

20. Joe 39:44

Full Results Here.