Hazel’s first trail race


Hazel has raced on the track, on roads and around a grass field but Sunday was her first trail race.  After seeing me finish the Medved Trail Madness 15 miler (my own race report to follow shortly) she was very excited to get covered in mud just like daddy.  I often wondered how old Hazel would be before she really understood competition.  Now I know the answer.


No one was going to box her in at the start, she is already working on her cross country elbows.


The race was a half mile loop partly on fields and partly on trail, much of which was very muddy.


There was no scoring for the kids race but Hazel insisted she needed a number, so she got to use mine.


No going up and around the mud for Hazel.


Lisa braided the daffodil into her hair, the thing stayed in until bath time!


The girl in pink was about to pass her 100 meters before the finish.




As soon as she finished the race, it was time for lap 2.  She wanted to go for a 3rd lap but I had to get some lunch.  Next up is the Wally Waddle 1 mile.

Bonus picture.