I’m a selfish jerk

It was recently pointed out to me (not for the first time), by someone I live with but who shall remain nameless (hint: it’s the potty trained one), that when it comes to this website I can be a bit selfish.  I tend to focus on me more than team when expounding on running accomplishments.  Case in point was my recent post 2012 in Review, where 5 of the top 10 Most Awesome things were specifically about me (6 if you count the corporate challenge).  My first response (entirely in my head of course) was so what it’s my website it should be all about me, I’m going to go and change the post so all 10 are about how awesome I am.  After giving it a bit more thought however I have decided to graciously point out the many wonderful individual accomplishments of the rest of the team.

Jeff Bigham


1st overall 2012 Freezeroo Series

Started a Business

Kenny Goodfellow


 Set a half marathon PR of 1:13:23 and finished 2nd overall out of 1700 runners at the Rochester Half Marathon

Broke 16 minutes for 5k running 15:56 and finishing 2nd at The Scare Brain Cancer Away 5K

Ryan Burke


Made his marathon debut with a 3:06:04 at the Rochester Marathon

Joe Williams


After several marathon attempts qualified to race at Boston with a 3:05:44 finish in Chicago

Matt (George) Roberts


Set a new marathon PR of 2:40:58 at Philly

Set a new 5k PR of 16:00.48 (.48!) at the Naz Invite

Brett Smith


Set a new half marathon PR of 1:15:22 at the Flower City Challenge

Mike Insler

First Mile

Won the Wa Wa Wally Waddle for an unprecedented 3rd time in a row

Finally beat me in the McMullen Mile

Got engaged

Rob Castor


Set a half marathon PR of 1:15:41 at the Flower City Challenge

Got a full time teaching job at Newark High School

Became the Assistant XC and Track Coach at Naz College

Finally I want to mention 2 guys who bring so much to Roadkill Racing and to the Rochester running community at large.  Tim Matthews & Tom Pampalone are out come rain or shine, wind and snow, small race or large, taking pictures of us fools.  They generously give of their time and talents, without them this site would not be half of what it is.  They make all of their photos available for free at Runners Pics.  Thank you both for all you do.