Running Wish List

I’ve never done new year resolutions, but I thought this year I would make a wish list for running things I want in 2013.  Some of them are things I want for myself (goals if you will) others are things I think as runners we could all use.

  1. To find a balance of family, work and running as my family continues to grow
  2. Year of injury free running (I think we all want this)
  3. To banish my marathon demons
  4. An end to running is going to kill you and make you crazy news articles
  5. An end to the media at large writing about scientific research in general
  6. Less racing t-shirts
  7. More racing pint glasses
  8. Roadkill Racing to remain the coolest most awesome running team in the World
  9. A Sub 16 minute 5k
  10. Adidas not to ruin my favorite shoe when the new version