Upstate Race #2 McQuaid Invite at GVP

The second race in the Upstate New York XC series took place at Genesee Valley Park in Rochester. Our race was at the end of massive McQuaid Invitational which featured over 6000 high school runners.  Despite being essentially a home meet, Joe and I were the only 2 Roadkill Racers in attendance. While the rest of Roadkill was off gallivanting, Joe and I were shoring up the High Noon ranks, me on the open team and Joe making his first start on the masters team.

And they
And they’re off!

I had 1 goal for this 3 mile fast track of a cross country race, beat everyone my age or older and I am happy to report that I was the only person over 34 to break 16 minutes.  In that respect the race was a great success.  On the downside, High Kill Noon Racing finished 3rd for the second race in a row; our lack of depth really hurt us this time.

fast track
Passing someone older than me.

Joe ran with the High Noon masters team, that turned out to not be a team.  This of course is always a possibility when you only have 5 guys registered for a team.  All Joe’s hard work however was not for naught as he beat both the kid who didn’t know enough not to wear his race t-shirt in the race he was running and Pete’s wife (by 2 seconds).

Joe feeling better than he looks.

Next up is a 6k at Akron Falls Park.  The race will also serve as the USATF-Niagara Master’s Championship race.  It was very nice of the Buffalo club to put the race on the East side of town instead of sticking it out on Grand Island which added another 40 minutes to the drive.  This trip should be less than an hour, and hopefully the race will feature more than 2 Roadkill Racers.

Overall Individual Results

Team Results