Upstate XC Race #3

A depleted but undaunted Roadkill Racing team took to the trails at Fairport Center Park this weekend for the 3rd race in the Pete Glavin Upstate Cross Country Series.  We were without the services of Jeff, Rob and Dan, but Mike made the trip up from Maryland and Pete drove in from Buffalo so we were able to field a 6 person team.  There were several races going on Saturday at Center Park, the first being the open series race, which was followed by the women’s and then men’s USATF National Masters Championship races.

Warm up strides

It was perfect morning to race, cloudy and cool with hardly any wind.  Looking up and down the start line it was clear that we were going head to head to head with GVH again, with Syracuse Track Club fielding only a few runners on their men’s team.  GVH was racing with their strongest team of the series having recently recruited Tim Chichester, 3rd place finisher at last week’s Hospice 5k, but we had very solid team even missing 3 of our runners and if things broke just right I thought we had a shot at winning our 3rd race in a row.

The Gun


Everyone on the Roadkill Racing team stepped up big time for this race. Chanse lead the way with a 3rd place finish (2nd in the team scoring) finally outkicking Dave Bradshaw of GVH after a back and forth race.  Mike who hadn’t raced since July jumped back into things with a 5th place finish pushing past several runners in the last 1000 meters.  I was 3rd for RKR with my best performance of the season, followed by Matt who gutted out a hell of race less than a week after running a marathon PR of 2:42.  According to Lisa, Matt had “labor pain face” at the finish, that is RUNNING TUFF!  Pete put in another strong race for us finishing out our top 5, and Ryan who continues to improve each race rounded out our team.

Chanse trying to break away


Despite great efforts all around, we were not able to beat out GVH.  We ended up finishing 2nd (last) by a score of 25 to 30.  That puts the series standings at:

RKR:  16

GVH: 14

STC: 3

HN: 2

On the bright side it did not appear as if any beer was awarded during this race so we didn’t miss out on anything too important.

Mixed 5k Run CC Upstate/Open
      Comp#  Name                            Team                             Time Points
    1   351  Chichester, Tim            M23  Genesee Valley Open I         16:13       
    2   343  O’Hara, Chip               M30  Syracuse TC Open I              17:08       
    3   337  Hungerford, Chanse         M23  Road Kill Open I                17:23       
    4   315  Bradshaw, Dave             M32  Genesee Valley Open I        17:26       
    5   338  Insler, Michael            M27  Road Kill Open I                    17:36       
    6   317  Crandall, Adam             M35  Genesee Valley Open I        17:39       
    7   339  Perks, Joshua              M37  Road Kill Open I                   17:47       
    8   342  Nicholson, Marty           M24  Syracuse TC Open I             17:56       
    9   319  Harter, Josh               M36  Genesee Valley Open I           18:03       
   10   340  Roberts, Matt              M27  Road Kill Open I                   18:15       
   11   318  Frahm, Matt                M31  Genesee Valley Open I           18:22       
   12   336  Gratien, Peter             M23  Road Kill Open I                18:25       
   13   358  Geiger, Everett            M13  Unattached Open I               18:30       
   14   353  Sweeney, Francis           M18  Unattached Open I               18:41       
   15   360  Hall, Alex                 M16  Unattached Open I               19:06       
   16   334  Lam, Michael               M21  High Noon AC Open I             19:08       
   17   328  Snyder, Jessica            W27  Genesee Valley Open I           19:09       
   18   333  Clemens, Kristian           M6  High Noon AC Open I             19:21       
   19   335  Burke, Ryan                M24  Road Kill Open I                19:35       
   20   349  Langerfeld, Donna          W25  Syracuse TC Open I              19:52       
   21   356  Williams, Josh             M37  Unattached Open I               20:17       
   22   362  Rodriguez, Victoria        W32  Unattached Open I               20:28       
   23   359  Kelly, Natalie             W28  Unattached Open I               21:07       
   24   355  Ryan, Kelsey               W24  Checkers AC Open I              21:08       
   25   345  Wattles, Jeremy            M28  Syracuse TC Open I              21:39       
   26   330  Stillings, Hannah          W22  Genesee Valley Open I           21:51       
   27   352  Boyd, Joe                  M33  Genesee Valley Open I           22:06       
   28   323  Duffy, Joanna              W25  Genesee Valley Open I           22:34       
   29   421  Sweeney, Richard           M46  Unattached Open I               23:15       
   30   357  Branch, Jackie             W36  Unattached Open I               23:16       
   31   320  Heerkens Jr, Ron           M31  Genesee Valley Open I           24:23       
   32   329  Steenburgh, Megan          W23  Genesee Valley Open I           24:39       
   33   324  Johnson, Rebecca           W26  Genesee Valley Open I           24:40       
   34   325  Orner, Caitlin             W22  Genesee Valley Open I           25:33       
   35   447  Telarico, Dick             M73  Unattached Super Vet I          30:22       
   36   432  Leyrer, Gary               M57  unattached                      32:20