A Freezeroo worthy of the name


Roadkill Team in pre-victory pose.

I was instructed by my teammates to use lots of adjectives in describing this race.  As I don’t consider myself a very flowery writer, probably because of my journalism training, I decided I would front load the story with an appropriate number of descriptors.

  1. Cold
  2. Windy
  3. Slippery
  4. Snowy
  5. Fridged
  6. Fun
  7. Stupid
  8. Sloggy
  9.  Numbing
  10. White
  11. Tiring
  12. Different
  13. Frosty
The starting line was there somewhere

Freezeroo #3 is the Don Curran Memorial 5k.  RKR fielded a 5 man team, too bad there was no team scoring.  We did a warmup running the course in reverse, on a nicer day it is probably a fairly fast course.  On this day it was just about 10 degrees with a strong wind and a several inch covering of snow on all the roads save a 200 meter strip just after the start and before the finish.  I brought 3 pair of racing shoes: xc racers with 5/8″ spikes, AdiZero Adios, and Asic Piranha.  I decided to go with the Asics covered with Yak Trax.  This was my first time running with Yak Trax and even though they were a bit tight, I thought they would give me the edge over the other runners who were just racing in normal unspiked or yaked flats.  I quickly learned that once the metal springs were caked with snow and ice their effectiveness is greatly diminished.

Jeff takes the early lead

While I did manage to get off the line fastest, Jeff and Chanse went by after a few meters.  In his usual racing style Jeff opened up a big lead by mile.  I was happy to sit behind Chanse and wait out the first mile or so which was primarily uphill.  I figured once things flattened out I could use the speed provided by my super grippy Yakers to run Jeff down.

Between miles 1-2

At some point during the 2nd mile my hands and face went totally numb.  I guess my body was sending the blood to my muscles and not bothering to try and warm my useless extremities.  Luckily I had more important things to worry about, namely running down Jeff and staying ahead of everyone else.

Chanse somehow managing picture perfect form in a blizzard

By this point in the race RKR had established its position as the 1-4 runners with Ryan just a bit further back.

Hatless Matt working on his awesome beardcicle

For some reason all of Matt’s photos are blurry.  i suspect it is the majesty of his developing breadcicle which prevented a clear picture from being taken.

Ryan making a power move into the wind

It is unsurprising that Ryan and Matt, the 2 runners who grew up in western NY saw no need to wear a hat despise a sub 0 windchill.

Jeff on the home stretch

Jeff held on to the 15-20 second gap he opened up in the first mile to win his 3rd straight Freezeroo Series race.  Baring some truly shocking bad performances in the next few races he has pretty much wrapped up the series win.  It was great to have 5 teammates come out and race in what might be described as less than ideal racing conditions.  It is a testament not only to our team, but the Rochester running scene that 230 runners showed up for this race.

Top 15 results below.  Full results here.

1 Jeff Bigham (Roadkill) 17:25.6
2 Joshua Perks (Roadkill) 17:45.2
3 Chanse Hungerford (Roadkill) 17:50.7
4 Matthew Roberts (Roadkill) 18:24.6
5 Joshua Greenfield – Tuttle 18:34.8
6 Jason Knarr 18:44.0
7 Tim Dwyer 18:57.7
8 Michael Coyle 18:58.8
9 Matthew Stoutz 19:05.6
10 William Hawkins 19:07.0
11 Matt Kellman 19:07.8
12 Paul Glor 19:16.8
13 Daniel Knopp 19:25.1
14 Daniel Giblin 19:27.2
15 Ryan Burke (Roadkill) 19:28.6

As always thanks goes out to the Rochester Runners Pic crew for the photos.