More Hazel at the Track

Hazel has been doing more racing than me this summer, but I’m happy to report I’ve been getting my training in and have a race coming up this Saturday.  The karnocker 5k in East Rochester is a big money race and part of the Rochester Runner of the Year series.  As always I’ll be trying to break 16 minutes.

Last night was the final Rochester Summer Track series event and both Hazel and Lisa ran.  Lisa started off the evening by running the 2000.  What an awful distance to race!  Lisa finished in 8:27 which for the running math challenged is 6:48 per mile.

Hazel did a good 1200 meters of warm up before her first race the 50 meter dash.  She as managed to get in a long jump on one of her laps.


Hazel ran a very focused 50 meter dash, taking 3rd place out of 5 in the 3 and under age group.  Some how Lisa managed to film this out of focus… I didn’t think that was possible.


It was a big day for Hazel.  Not only did she finish 3rd in the 50, but she had a show down with another bird mascot, and even ended up waving at him in the middle of her second race the 100 meter dash.

With the track season over it is time for Hazel to start focusing on summer base building for cross country.  If she wants a place on the Roadkill A team she is going to have work pretty hard.