Out with the old, in with the new… runners

Roadkill Racing prides itself on not only having great runners, but having great all around people. Our runners are successful in more than just races, they are smart upwardly mobile academically and career minded humans. Unfortunately that means most of them end up leaving Rochester. Through this attrition by success we have lost some great competitors over the last 4 years.

Mike Insler: Moved to Annapolis to take a job as an economics professor at the Naval Academy.

Chanse Hungerford: Left U of R for Vanderbilt with his optics advisor.

Tyle Stelzig: Graduated from U of R and moved to North Carolina.

Dan Lane: Graduated from U of R and moved to North Carolina to get a graduate degree from UNC.

Jeff Bigham: Left his job as computer science professor at U of R and took a better job as a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon.

Evan Nelsen: Finished his internship working on nuclear reactors or something and is current saving lives in Nicaragua and will then attend grad school at UNC.

Travis Kroot: Graduated from U of R with a degree in biomedical engineering and is now living in Maine pursuing his dream to be a procyclist.

We leak talent the way my old 1977 Pontiac Grand Lemans leaked oil.

Was actually my Dad’s car, but it was the car I took my drivers test in.

So what’s a team to do? How do we overcome this overwhelming success? We hit the recruiting trail every year and bring in fresh talent, that’s how. Roadkill is always looking for new runners to join our ranks. You don’t need to be a former All American cross country runner to join Roadkill, you just have to have a passion for racing (and a liking of strong dark beer helps too).

mmmm Beer
mmmm Beer

What’s in it for you (WIIFY)? Joining Roadkill will give you the opportunity to train and race with the smartest, if not the fastest, team in Western NY. You get to wear the slickest racing singlet in the sport of road racing. But wait there’s more!

  • Race in both team and individual USATF local-regional-national championships
  • Win beer & glory during the Upstate New York Cross Country Series
  • Be part of hilarious email exchanges
  • See all your running exploits poorly written about on a website no one reads
  • Learn the secrets of the Roadkill Racing Circle of Fire training method
  • Get 15% off at www.runningwarehouse.com

What will all this cost you? I imagine by now you are thinking, “I can’t afford all that, I’m just a down on my luck runner.” Well don’t worry, Roadkill Racing doesn’t have any membership fees, dues or taxes. We do ask that you purchase a Roadkill Racing Singlet…

Awesome Singlets
Awesome Singlets

and that you join USATF Niagara, if you aren’t already a member. This will allow you to score in USATF championship races and gives you the opportunity to win both individual prize money (which you keep) and team prize money (which we keep to buy beer and other party supplies for the team).

Roadkill Racers run many races throughout the year, but the following are our team’s priority races:

When you are ready for a better running experince drop us a line. We’d be happy to have you, be you man or woman, young or old (look for Roadkill Masters next season!).

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